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Godox SK400II Studio Flash

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  • Brand: Godox
  • Model: SK400II
  • Series: SK
  • Model Lamp: 150W
  • Modeling Lamp Level: 5%-100%
  • Recycle Time: 0.1-1.0s
  • Flash duration: 1/2000s-1/800s
  • Fuse: 5A

Godox SK400II Studio Flash

Godox SK400II Studio flash. Godox SK-series light feature a flash energy adjustment range of 1/16 to within 0.1 EV. Charging time to full flash energy is less than 2 seconds. At minimum power, it achieves a very short flash duration of only 1/2000s (t=0.1) which allows you to shoot freely during a session without a tripod. The color temperature of the flash is 5600K, and depending on the flash energy set, it can vary between ±200K.

Product Details

Modeling light

A 150-watt modeling light bulb is mounted in the unit, the brightness of which can be set to be proportional to the flash power (to make it easier to visualize the effects of the flash power), or it can be permanently set between 5-100% or simply turned off.

System X

The built-in X System receiver allows you to remotely trigger the flash, control the flash energy and change the mode with the Godox X transmitter, without having to buy additional receivers. In addition, the Godox SK series is equipped with a USB port that allows you to connect XT16, FT-16 or X1 TTL system receivers. It is also possible to use a 3.5mm jack socket and connect the light to triggers of other brands.


The rear panel of the unit is simple, clear and functional. The LCD screen showing the lamp settings is easy to read even from a large angle. Next to it is located a handy knob for adjusting flash power, changing the radio communication channel and lamp group. Located below the LCD screen, a series of five buttons gives quick access to all lamp settings and functions.

Bowens mount

The popular Bowens mount allows the use of commonly available modifiers (softboxes, reflectors, beauty dishes, etc.) to modify and control light in almost any application or creative vision.


Model SK400II


Max Power (WS) 400WS
Guide Number (m ISO 100) 65
Color Temperature 5600±200K
Operating Voltage AC100-120V/60Hz
Power Output Control OFF,6.0-10.0(1/16-1/1)
Power Control Smooth adjustment, System X
Modeling Lamp (W) 150W
Modeling Lamp Level 5%-100%
Recycle Time 0.1-1.0s
Groups/Channels 16/32
Triggering Options M / S1 / S2 / Slave
Triggering Method Sync cord, Test button, lave triggering, Wireless control port


Fitting Type Bowens
Flash Duration 1/2000 to 1/800s
Fuse 5A
Dimension Flash diameter 12.7cm, height of flash with handle 23.2cm, length of flash with modeling lamp 38cm
Net Weight Approx.2.1kg


  • 1 * SK400II Flash Head
  • 1 * Power Cable
  • 1 * Lamp Cover
  • 1 * Modeling Lamp
  • 1 * Cleaning Cloth

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