Fix your Drone. Repair and Servicing Online.

Whether your drone is broken or not working or having firmware issues, contact us today using the ‘Service Request’ form below to discuss your drone repair and servicing requirements and how we can help. We will respond within few hours. To expedite your drone repair process, send your drone to our Authorized Service Center for inspection.

Once the inspection is complete our technical team will contact you and give you an estimate of repair cost and parts needed. If you approve the repairs, we will fix them and also update all firmware, re-calibrate your drone, and test fly it before sending back to you.

Service Request Form

How it works?



1) Request for Service: Describe your Drone’s issue and provide your information in the service request form. A service ticket will be generated for you.

2) Send Your Product: You will receive details for sending your drone to us based on your location.

3) Assessment and Repair: Our Authorized Service Center will assess your drone and send you a service price quotation. The repair process for your drone will begin after you’ve made the payment.

4) Receive Your Product: Our Service Center will send the repaired or replacement product to your address.

It takes approx. 10-20 business days to repair your drone after arriving at Our Service Center. You will receive an email notification after each step of the service process is complete.

You can check the repair progress simply by contacting our Support Center.

It depends on the specific issue. The price of the specific component is subject to product assessment results. If any component or the drone is defective and under warranty, no service fee will be charged.

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges for drone inspection/repair process if not under warranty policy of that drone which is already purchased from diamu.com.bd.

For safety concerns, please DO NOT ship a severely damaged battery (e.g., a swollen or leaking battery). If you want to replace a severely damaged battery, please complete your online Service Request form now.

If your drone needs to be repaired or replaced, you can submit an Online Service Request form.

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