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Manoz Sarder Changing Harmonium

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Made By Monoj Kumar Sardar – Kolkata’s Premium Harmonium Maker. He is particularly known for his technical expertise and knowledge of harmoniums. His career as a musical instrument craftsman and innovator spans more than forty years.The scale changer folding harmonium from Manoj K Sardar is mostly made from termite resistant wood, specially seasoned Indian cedar or the teak wood. The instrument has a supreme quality of a set of 3 reeds, the bass, the male and female or treble. The harmonium has 37 keys, 9 stops, 9 scale and 3 ½ octaves. Its multifold bellows enable the instrument to maintain a suitable air pressure; the instrument also has nickel brass knobs and has a wooden jail on its keys. The harmonium model is known for producing amazing sound and therefore is suitable for professional concerts and can be utilized by the performer to produce high-quality tunes, it can produce a pitch up to A440.


Manoj Sarder Changing Harmonium

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Manoj Sarder Changing Harmonium Features:

  • Artist Grade Harmonium
  • A440 Pitch – Checked At Dispatch
  • Set Of 4 High Quality Reeds: 1 Male + 1 Base +1 Male+ 1 Female = Rich Sound
  • 13 Scale Changer
  • 4 Stops + 11 Drones
  • 37 Keys
  • Instant Response Keyboard – No Lag Time
  • Very Special Quality Palitana Reeds – Brass Reeds
  • Multi-Fold Bellows For Easy Pumping & Consistent Sustain
  • Air Leaks Are Checked For Longer Sustain
  • Thoroughly Dried Pure Teak – Natural Color
  • Portable Folding Box Type
  • Full Wooden Top Cover
  • Wooden Jaali On Keys
  • Fiber Case Included

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